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Go Power Nutrition (est. 2014) is a specialty food manufacturer focusing on healthy, protein rich nutrition snacks for the family. In collaboration & under license from Happy Bar Inc. (USA), Go Power creates amazing products that are perfect for children and adults alike. The proprietary recipes developed by the scientists at Happy Bar and Go Power combine natural ingredients to create tasty and healthy nutrition bars that taste like family recipes.

Happy Project

Go Power & Happy Bar 

In addition to selling our nutrition bars across various channels in India & overseas, Go Power fuels the mission of Happy Bar Inc., a US 501 (c) (3) non-profit organisation whose mission is to feed underprivileged children and needy people to give them an equitable chance in life. Happy Bar donates 300,000 nutrition bars a year and these are lovingly produced by Go Power with care and uncompromising quality.


Charity with every Happy Bar

10% of the sale value of each Happy Bar goes to furthering the cause of Happy Bar Inc’s mission.

Happy Bar Story

Happy Bar was created from the collective experiences of Dr. Jack Kennedy, Ph.D. (Agriculture) and Dr. Alice “Clare” Augustine, Ph.D. (Bioscience and Biotechnology), while working with various orphanages and charitable programs. Seeing that protein deficiency is rampant in children living in poverty, they tried several approaches to supplement protein before developing a simple recipe that children love, and parents approved.

The Team

Arun Augustine


Ian Lyngdoh

Managing Director

Christine Kreplins

Head - International Business Development


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